Soekarno's best quotes and biography

no strings attached I would share some of his famous quotes ever spoken 

we all know that Ir. Sukarno was Indonesia's first president, known as the lion podium. Because of his prowess as a speech, and intelligence manage words that anyone who listened to his speech it will be blazing spirit

President Sukarno was also known as the originator of the non-aligned movement, which is a non-partisan movement block west and a block east at that time contained the largest European American forces and Soviet Union in each block.

Because of his courage as well, Soekarno to be one of the most influential figures in the world, so that when Indonesia was highly respected in the world and is also renowned as one of the Asian tigers with a great military power and economic well-established

"Great nation is a nation that respects the services of his hero."
 "Do not ever forget about the history" 
"the past is very useful for future"
 "you fight will be more difficult than the struggle against the invaders because you are going against the nation"
 "freedom is the right of all nations"


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